How to Tell If He’s Interested

Determining whether your date is into you or not can be a bit tricky. Interpreting one’s feelings is difficult – you’re really not sure if he smiles at you because he really likes you or he’s just being friendly. To help you out, here are some ways on how to tell if he is interested in you.

He arrives on time

More than just arriving on time, your date arrives earlier than he’s supposed to. He may also make sure that your table at the restaurant is ready before you arrive. On the other hand, if he is picking you up, he rings the bell on the dot. All of these mean that he values your time together.

He dresses up for you

This is easy to tell, especially if you’ve known your date for some time already. If he is always dressed in a laid back manner and meets you wearing a pressed shirt, slacks, and smart-looking shoes, then he is definitely interested. If he takes time to make himself more than decent for your date, then it means that he’s also serious about the date and would like to impress you.

He laughs and smiles a lot during your conversation

If he is genuinely having a good time, then he is into you. He listens to what you are saying and looks into your eyes as you speak. He also responds to whatever you say, especially if the topic is about you. He asks more questions to know who you are and, in return, tells about his personal background.

He is a gentleman

He does what the gentleman in your dreams does. He offers his arm for your own arm, opens doors for you, orders your meal first, pays for the bill, and so on. Of course, other than the usual gestures women look for in gentlemen, they also have their own ways of showing you that they have been brought up properly by their parents. So, just because he didn’t hold the chair at the restaurant as you sat down doesn’t mean he’s less of a prince charming.

He directly or indirectly suggests that you both meet again

If your date is not interested in you, you will not even pick up a hint that he wants to go for round two. But if he is interested, he’ll do what it takes to see you again and again. He may ask you straightforwardly if you’d like to meet him during the weekend. Indirect suggestions, on the other hand, may sound like, “Oh you like Japanese food? I know of this great Japanese restaurant downtown. I can take you there if you want.”

The above-mentioned signs are, of course, not the only ways to tell if your date is into you. You, with your womanly instincts, may detect other hints. But no matter what signs you notice, the most important sign is he makes an effort to get second date with you.

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