How to Tell If She’s Interested

When to make the next move when pursuing a girl you like is a question that causes a lot of confusion among guys. Women can be difficult to read, especially if you’re completely clueless. If you keep on misinterpreting friendly signals as pick-up cues or the other way around, then these tips can help you tell if she’s truly interested in you:

She fidgets when you’re around

Women put their men on pedestals, too. And if she thinks you’re someone very special, she’ll panic about the way she looks, sits down, or appears in front of you. So, she may quickly fix her skirt, blouse, and hair when she sees you approaching. She may even stutter a bit when you greet her or ask her a question.

She looks into your eyes when you speak to her

A woman is always attentive to what her love interest is saying. So, you know she is taking you seriously if she looks into your eyes as you speak. She will even laugh at any corny joke you may crack and make you feel like a hero in your stories.

She likes you checking her out

Why won’t she? After all, she finally got your attention. If you haven’t checked out the woman whom you think is interested in you, smile at her as she passes, look down and up her body and give her a smile. If she smiles back, she is flirting and is definitely into you.

She always has time for you

She always has free time to spend when it comes to you because she has been waiting for you to ask her out. Even if she may end up working overtime, she will accompany you to the nearest café for an afternoon break.

She suddenly “exists” in your world

This sign is true, especially if you’ve never known her before. Just like what you may do to be noticed by a woman, she may walk by you several times so you will see her. She may position herself near you in a crowded club. She will even bump into you “accidentally” if your attention is difficult to get.

Sharpen your radar and pick up the signs she is sending you. Remember, if you misinterpret her signals, your chances of getting another date can crumble into pieces. So, keep these tips in mind and respond — flirt back and ask her out for another date.

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How to Tell If He’s Interested

Determining whether your date is into you or not can be a bit tricky. Interpreting one’s feelings is difficult – you’re really not sure if he smiles at you because he really likes you or he’s just being friendly. To help you out, here are some ways on how to tell if he is interested in you.

He arrives on time

More than just arriving on time, your date arrives earlier than he’s supposed to. He may also make sure that your table at the restaurant is ready before you arrive. On the other hand, if he is picking you up, he rings the bell on the dot. All of these mean that he values your time together.

He dresses up for you

This is easy to tell, especially if you’ve known your date for some time already. If he is always dressed in a laid back manner and meets you wearing a pressed shirt, slacks, and smart-looking shoes, then he is definitely interested. If he takes time to make himself more than decent for your date, then it means that he’s also serious about the date and would like to impress you.

He laughs and smiles a lot during your conversation

If he is genuinely having a good time, then he is into you. He listens to what you are saying and looks into your eyes as you speak. He also responds to whatever you say, especially if the topic is about you. He asks more questions to know who you are and, in return, tells about his personal background.

He is a gentleman

He does what the gentleman in your dreams does. He offers his arm for your own arm, opens doors for you, orders your meal first, pays for the bill, and so on. Of course, other than the usual gestures women look for in gentlemen, they also have their own ways of showing you that they have been brought up properly by their parents. So, just because he didn’t hold the chair at the restaurant as you sat down doesn’t mean he’s less of a prince charming.

He directly or indirectly suggests that you both meet again

If your date is not interested in you, you will not even pick up a hint that he wants to go for round two. But if he is interested, he’ll do what it takes to see you again and again. He may ask you straightforwardly if you’d like to meet him during the weekend. Indirect suggestions, on the other hand, may sound like, “Oh you like Japanese food? I know of this great Japanese restaurant downtown. I can take you there if you want.”

The above-mentioned signs are, of course, not the only ways to tell if your date is into you. You, with your womanly instincts, may detect other hints. But no matter what signs you notice, the most important sign is he makes an effort to get second date with you.

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How to Get A Date for The First Time

You will find many dating tips online telling you how to meet women, how to attract the opposite sex, or what pick-up lines to say to a woman you want to date. While some of the tips are interesting, few of them may be received warmly by women. Real women want to date real men who are more than just about good looks, smooth moves, and witty pick-up lines. So, instead of dropping a few Jerry Maguire lines to get her attention, relax and read the following pointers:

Tip 1: Forget that you want to date a woman.

If you’re not at all nervous about getting a date, chances are you’ve already found yourself one. But if you are getting jitters about saying the words, “Will you go out with me?” you should drop the dating issue and move on with your life. Even the word dating becomes a loaded word and may make first-timers get discouraged to express their intentions. So, to be relieved of the challenge, don’t think about it, first.

Tip 2: Focus on yourself.

When you’ve temporarily forgotten about dating, you must focus on your personal skills. Doing so may help you find the confidence and courage you need to actually ask a woman out. You should learn new skills and be involved in new activities. Dancing lessons are advisable to learn considering you’ll eventually need to ask a woman to dance with you.

The purpose of learning new skills is for you to become more comfortable about yourself and around women. During dancing lessons, you’ll get to mingle and meet women. And once you start dancing like a pro, you may find that more women will swoon and become interested in you.

Tip 3: Focus on the women.

With an increased self-confidence, it will be easier for you to say the magic words. If you’ve already seen someone with whom you want to go out with, casually and respectfully approach her. A woman always loves a real gentleman.

Then, get to know each other. Ask her about her interests and listen with full attention. Understand what she’s trying to say and respond with answers that are genuinely yours. And when you’ve established more familiarity with one another, ask her out. Fight nervousness and the words will come out naturally.

If she agrees to go out with you, then, you’ve passed the challenge. But if she declines, accept it. It only means she isn’t the girl for you and nothing more. And, at least, you’ve practiced asking a girl out. Then, just move on.

Getting date for the first time should be easy once you’ve become more confident about yourself. The right amount of confidence may take you far. In fact, you may even be surprised to find women who make the first move and ask you out.

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How to Be His Best First Date

While much of the stress of first dates falls on guys, women also have a part to play. First dates are a give-and-take situation for both parties. And if a guy gives his best to make your date successful, you must reciprocate. So, here are what you should do to be the best first date he’s ever had.

Look your best.

While already implied when going on a first date, looking your best is a way for you to express that you’re worth his efforts. Dressing up also sends him the message that he should be a great date as well. So, you may want to plan the outfit you’ll wear several days before the date. Or before you get ready, you may take a short nap to look fresh later on.

Be on time.

Etiquette demands that guys be at the meeting place ahead of time. So to keep him from waiting too long, get to the venue on time. If he is picking you up, be prepared for his arrival. Doing so shows that you also respect his time.

Be fun.

Having to ask you out may have been challenging enough for him, much more to impress you the whole night. So to help relieve him of the stress, lighten up the situation. You may ask him how he is and if he had a difficult time finding your place. That way, you’ll start a calming conversation and avoid any awkward silent moments.

Be understanding.

While it is, in a way, a peak into your date’s identity, a first date is not a test. Accidents like his stepping on your foot should be forgivable. After all, you’d also want your date to forgive you if you made the same mistakes. So, give a reassuring tap on his arm when he is apologizing non-stop.

Give him time to talk.

He may ask questions about you, first, and you may be eager to answer them all. But because it’s a date, you have to know about him too.

Give him the score.

A guy also thinks about how you may have enjoyed a date and may be looking for signs. So, give him an answer and say you had a great time. Invite him into your home if you want to continue with your conversation or give him a good night kiss if you think he deserves it.

If you’ve been the friendliest, warmest, and most fun first date, he’ll be thinking of you from the time he turns from your door and starts to walk home. He may even call you up sooner than you think and ask you out on a second date!

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First Date Pointers – What Men Should Remember

Whether you’ve done it before or are doing it for the first time, a first date should be about making a woman feel pleasant and comfortable with you. You are introducing her into your world and a possible serious relationship. So if you want to get her to agree to a second date, the first should increase her level of interest in you. Here are some points to keep in mind.

Hours before the date

Women are always excited about a date. And if you’ve specified a time, she’d be thinking about the date days before. To fulfill her anticipation, remember to call her up as early as lunch time during the set date. If you call her up too early, you’ll appear like an eager beaver. But if you call her too late, as in after working hours, she may already be off to do an alternative plan.

The location

As a gentleman, you have to choose a date location that is nearer to her place. A restaurant or comedy bar (if that is her interest) a couple of blocks away from her home is ideal. That way, you may continue a lovely conversation while walking her home and she won’t get tired.

Your date

Women put a lot of effort to look perfect for a date and quite often think about how you like their appearance. So, acknowledge how her eye make-up brings out the color of her eyes. Compliment her for her dress or hair but don’t go overboard. Doing so will make her think you’re not being sincere.

The conversation

Focus on her, first, then yourself; Not the other way around. Even if she asked you out, she’s always the first subject in the conversation. When she talks, listen well. Then, respond with answers that are truly yours. Be yourself because she is being herself. Plus, many women can also tell if their date is making up stories.

Ask about something she may have good memories or ideas of. Examples are her family, her friends, and her interests. You may even ask about what she does on weekends and eventually drop a hint that you’d like to take her out on Saturday.

The bill

Always offer to pay even if she asked you out. But avoid insisting if she has made it clear she wants to go Dutch. Some women are sensitive about having their sense of independence taken from them. Just do not let her pay for your meal.

The good night kiss

As in the movie “Hitch,” read from her body language if she enjoyed your company before giving her a kiss. Her eyes may be sparkling when she looks at you or she may be taking her time to enter the door. If you see those signs, “Go 90 percent of the way” and wait for her to take the other 10 percent.

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Dating Outfit Tips for Women

Whether it’s a first date, a second date, or just a casual date, you should always look your best. Looking your best when on a date doesn’t really mean that you’re trying to please him. Wearing the right outfit means you’re confident enough to flaunt what you’ve got. Plus, knowing how to accentuate your assets means you have good fashion sense. If you think you need more tips on what you should wear on a date, read on.

Full-figured women

Men love the sight of curves. Some men even go for voluptuous women. If you have a full figure, there are types of clothing suited for you. It’s best to wear clothing that rests on the skin but is not tight or clingy. Such clothing helps to emphasize your best features decently.

Petite women

Choose petite-appropriate clothing if you are small-framed. Heels, short skirts, and dresses are perfect. Avoid long, floor-duster clothes. Show more of your legs and arms to look tall and long-limbed. You may also want to wear a cute outfit because it matches your figure.

Tall women

You may want to emphasize your long arms and legs by wearing long, flowing dresses and skirts. Any color is lovely, although dark-colored ones may make you look slimmer and taller. Remember, also, to wear belts as these soften your physical features and bring out curves.

Large-breasted women

V-neck tops and supportive bras are ideal for large-breasted women. These highlight the chest without revealing too much. If you wish to make your chest look smaller, you should use minimizer bras. Also refrain from wearing high-neckline tops because they draw much attention to the chest.

Small-breasted women

Small-breasted women may get away with tops and dresses requiring no bras. Blouses with small intricate prints and embroidery are ideal to wear as these prevent onlookers from noticing a small chest. Maximizer bras, on the other hand, help to increase chest size.

Pear-shaped women

Having a heavy bottom, pear-shaped women may want to draw attention to their legs. To do this, women may wear short skirts and dresses and matching jackets or boleros. The jackets and boleros seemingly widen the upper-body and make it proportion to wide hips.

You may want to ask a close friend to help you select the clothing you should wear. At least, close friends can give you honest opinions and help you look fabulous. Make sure to invest in classic pieces like sophisticated white tops, plain-washed jeans, and various accessories. That way, you can easily mix and match your clothes without shopping every now and then.

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Gals Who Ask Guys Out: How They Do It

While many guys stick to traditional practice, there are guys, these days, who welcome the idea of women who actively meet men they like and ask them out. Some men say that it’s already the 21th century and stereotypes are becoming less definitive. So if you would like to make the first move, read these tips on how to ask guys out without intimidating them.

Just ask him

Of course, asking someone out for the first time or for a first date can be daunting. But like in doing everything for the first time, you have to try. Try without expecting success or failure. At least, by actually saying “How about going out with me this weekend?” to your date interest, you get past one major hurdle. If he agrees to date you, then it wasn’t bad for a first try. If he declines, at least you know you can already ask another cute guy.

Don’t overdo it

Flirting is a powerful tool when it comes to getting a date. Though not a must, flirting is a way to subtly make your intentions known or to make yourself “exist” in his world. Flirting is like an overture or introduction. To get the guy’s attention, it’s important that you flirt in a tasteful or classy way. Flirting aggressively or too much is definitely a no-no on how to get dates.

How should you flirt? “Accidentally” but lightly bumping him at a bar and giving him your most charming apology and smile will do. Starting a conversation during breaks at dancing lessons or smiling when you make eye contact with him anywhere you meet may also be intriguing for him. But, pulling a seductive lick on your dessert cherry – although one of those common seduction tips – will make him think you just want a one night stand.

Look your best

Guys more often get attracted to women who look pleasing. And while looking your best can make him notice you, looking fresh and pretty when asking him out can increase his level of interest. So whether you have top-shelf or plain Jane looks, it’s best to play up your facial assets.

Dig up some details about the guy

Getting to know a little bit about your prospect helps you in two ways. One is you’ll see if he is really interesting or worth dating. Another is you’ll get to make him know you more as you charm him discreetly. So, if you’re permitted the occasion, start a friendly conversation with him.

Finally, after gauging if he’s worth dating, go straight to the point and ask him out. Guys prefer clarity in conversations and invitations. And when you’re already on the date, get to know him more. Ask the guy questions about his interests or profession. In return, tell him about yourself. After all, isn’t dating for getting to know each other?

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When She’s Flirting

Accurately reading a woman’s mind may require much brain exercise. But what’s even more difficult is figuring out if she’s interested or just being friendly. And what adds to the pressure for some guys is how to gauge her level of interest in a possible relationship. Misinterpreting her signs or signals may put you in an awkward situation. So, before asking her out or moving on, here are some ways to tell if a woman is flirting with you.

She keeps eye contact and smiles

Wherever you may be, be it in a bar, a party, or an office, a woman who constantly has her eye on you and smiles is definitely flirting. Why? Instead of having fun and paying attention to her friends or her work, she makes an effort to look at you and catch your own gaze. So, if you like her, too, do her the favor of smiling back. Then, approach her later on, chat, and ask her out.

She gets your attention through her mouth

Admit it, you also find her mouth enticing. She may be slowly sipping on her straw or licking off the cream on a maraschino cherry while keeping prolonged eye contact with you. And if she continues to engage you with her powerful, glossed lips, the next thing you know, you’ll be asking for her number.

She puts her hand on your arm, shoulder, hand or knee

If she isn’t a relative or a close friend and she touches you, she is flirting. A woman’s touch, as long as it sends an electrifying feeling on your back, tells that she is interested. So, you may want to flirt back if you like her to find out how interested she is.

She walks up to you to talk

Sometimes, a woman may even get you a drink. And such act should make you realize that she has an aggressive side. Many women will just get your attention and make you walk up to them, first. So, if you prefer a more aggressive woman, you may want to get to know her more by buying a second round of drinks.

She twirls her hair with her fingers

And while she does, she coyly glances at you. Such should tell you that she is the shy type but she wants you to approach her. Before you do, however, gaze at her a few moments longer to see if you’ve read her correctly. If you read right, make your move.

Of course, a woman has other ways to let you know she’s flirting. And to rightly tell, you have to observe her. Study her overall body language — actions do speak louder than words. So when you know she’s singling you out, you have to give your own response.

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When He’s Flirting

Women can easily figure out if men want a long-lasting relationship or just a one-night stand. There are times, however, when you need to analyze his moves, especially if you’re not sure on whether a guy is just being friendly or he’s really into you. Analyzing the signs may get pretty tough, especially if you only have minimal flirting experience and know-how. So, to tell whether he’s interested, watch out for signs like these:

He enters your personal space

Can’t tell how a guy enters your personal space? When talking to guys, observe where they stand. Often, those who are romantically uninterested maintain a safe distance when conversing with women. Uninterested men respect women’s personal spaces and would like them to do the same. But if a man is into you, he’ll be the only one to stand as close to you as possible.

He makes brief physical contract every now and then

Whether it is your hair, hand, or arm, he will playfully touch you as you are conversing. Sometimes, he may even gently tweak your nose or gently pat your cheeks. These show how adorable he thinks you are and that he has a soft spot in his heart for you.

He smiles at you from across the room

It is easy to tell if a guy is flirting with you when you’re both in a room full of people. He, in one corner, may glance at you from time to time and look away when you suddenly catch him. Later on, you’ll find him looking at you again and will smile when it is too late for him to look away.

His face widens

Involuntarily, his face widens and lightens up when he sees you. His eyebrows may also rise a bit. These signs show that he is welcoming your presence.

He catches your attention

He may exaggerate some actions like raising both of his arms so you can see him. He may also be the only one to call out to you when you pass by his group of friends. Or, he may even go to the extent of walking past you again and again where he has no business to attend to. He is, in fact, just walking by so you will notice him, hoping that he’ll get date with you.

A guy who is truly interested in you will make an effort just to “exist” in your personal world. This is true, especially if you hardly know him or have never noticed him before. As he makes an effort just to get noticed, you must make your move. Either flirt back if you like him or tell him how you honestly feel. That way, he’ll know whether to pursue you or move on.

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Men’s Date Outfit: Dos and Donts

So, she agreed to go out with you and now, you’re looking at your closet, thinking of what to wear. Because she is looking her best for the night, she will definitely be expecting the same effort from you. To live up to her expectations, the trick is to dress classy. Here are ways to do so:

Do minimize prints

Let her be the one to wear the prints. Besides, men always look classy in a simple outfit. If casual is the theme for the night, wear a plain t-shirt, a jacket, jeans, and smart-casual shoes. If the date is to take place in a fancy restaurant, wear a simple suit or one that has subdued stripes. The key is to complement her appearance.

Don’t be too colorful

Unless you would like to be nicknamed Crusty the Clown or the fashion victim date, wear clothing that use only as much as three neutral colors. White, black, and navy blue are handsome. Also, remember that the shoes and belt should match the shirt in color. So, if you opt to wear a black shirt, your belt and polished shoes should be black as well.

Do polish your shoes and iron your clothes

Women love men who know how to take care of their clothing. So, make sure that your black shoes are well-shined, if you’re going dancing or are dining at a high-class restaurant. Iron your clothes to look well-dressed and smart.

Don’t wear too much jewelry

If you have to wear jewelry, refrain from wearing as much as she does. For men, jewelry should be of a watch and a ring or a ring and a simple neck piece. Avoid wearing more than two pieces of jewelry so you will not end up looking like a pimp.

Do wear the right outfit for the occasion

As much as you would like a woman to be mysterious during the first date, you should also dress in a comfortably conservative manner. Comfortably conservative means striking a balance between square and revealing. Button your shirt up just between your neck and your chest. Let the woman work her imagination.

Looking perfect during the first date is crucial, considering it is the point where date assessment is highest. Impressing her with the way you dress up does a lot to get to round two. So, plan out your outfit days before. You may even want to ask a close girl friend to assess your ensemble.

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