How to Be His Best First Date

While much of the stress of first dates falls on guys, women also have a part to play. First dates are a give-and-take situation for both parties. And if a guy gives his best to make your date successful, you must reciprocate. So, here are what you should do to be the best first date he’s ever had.

Look your best.

While already implied when going on a first date, looking your best is a way for you to express that you’re worth his efforts. Dressing up also sends him the message that he should be a great date as well. So, you may want to plan the outfit you’ll wear several days before the date. Or before you get ready, you may take a short nap to look fresh later on.

Be on time.

Etiquette demands that guys be at the meeting place ahead of time. So to keep him from waiting too long, get to the venue on time. If he is picking you up, be prepared for his arrival. Doing so shows that you also respect his time.

Be fun.

Having to ask you out may have been challenging enough for him, much more to impress you the whole night. So to help relieve him of the stress, lighten up the situation. You may ask him how he is and if he had a difficult time finding your place. That way, you’ll start a calming conversation and avoid any awkward silent moments.

Be understanding.

While it is, in a way, a peak into your date’s identity, a first date is not a test. Accidents like his stepping on your foot should be forgivable. After all, you’d also want your date to forgive you if you made the same mistakes. So, give a reassuring tap on his arm when he is apologizing non-stop.

Give him time to talk.

He may ask questions about you, first, and you may be eager to answer them all. But because it’s a date, you have to know about him too.

Give him the score.

A guy also thinks about how you may have enjoyed a date and may be looking for signs. So, give him an answer and say you had a great time. Invite him into your home if you want to continue with your conversation or give him a good night kiss if you think he deserves it.

If you’ve been the friendliest, warmest, and most fun first date, he’ll be thinking of you from the time he turns from your door and starts to walk home. He may even call you up sooner than you think and ask you out on a second date!

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