First Date Pointers – What Men Should Remember

Whether you’ve done it before or are doing it for the first time, a first date should be about making a woman feel pleasant and comfortable with you. You are introducing her into your world and a possible serious relationship. So if you want to get her to agree to a second date, the first should increase her level of interest in you. Here are some points to keep in mind.

Hours before the date

Women are always excited about a date. And if you’ve specified a time, she’d be thinking about the date days before. To fulfill her anticipation, remember to call her up as early as lunch time during the set date. If you call her up too early, you’ll appear like an eager beaver. But if you call her too late, as in after working hours, she may already be off to do an alternative plan.

The location

As a gentleman, you have to choose a date location that is nearer to her place. A restaurant or comedy bar (if that is her interest) a couple of blocks away from her home is ideal. That way, you may continue a lovely conversation while walking her home and she won’t get tired.

Your date

Women put a lot of effort to look perfect for a date and quite often think about how you like their appearance. So, acknowledge how her eye make-up brings out the color of her eyes. Compliment her for her dress or hair but don’t go overboard. Doing so will make her think you’re not being sincere.

The conversation

Focus on her, first, then yourself; Not the other way around. Even if she asked you out, she’s always the first subject in the conversation. When she talks, listen well. Then, respond with answers that are truly yours. Be yourself because she is being herself. Plus, many women can also tell if their date is making up stories.

Ask about something she may have good memories or ideas of. Examples are her family, her friends, and her interests. You may even ask about what she does on weekends and eventually drop a hint that you’d like to take her out on Saturday.

The bill

Always offer to pay even if she asked you out. But avoid insisting if she has made it clear she wants to go Dutch. Some women are sensitive about having their sense of independence taken from them. Just do not let her pay for your meal.

The good night kiss

As in the movie “Hitch,” read from her body language if she enjoyed your company before giving her a kiss. Her eyes may be sparkling when she looks at you or she may be taking her time to enter the door. If you see those signs, “Go 90 percent of the way” and wait for her to take the other 10 percent.

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