Dating Outfit Tips for Women

Whether it’s a first date, a second date, or just a casual date, you should always look your best. Looking your best when on a date doesn’t really mean that you’re trying to please him. Wearing the right outfit means you’re confident enough to flaunt what you’ve got. Plus, knowing how to accentuate your assets means you have good fashion sense. If you think you need more tips on what you should wear on a date, read on.

Full-figured women

Men love the sight of curves. Some men even go for voluptuous women. If you have a full figure, there are types of clothing suited for you. It’s best to wear clothing that rests on the skin but is not tight or clingy. Such clothing helps to emphasize your best features decently.

Petite women

Choose petite-appropriate clothing if you are small-framed. Heels, short skirts, and dresses are perfect. Avoid long, floor-duster clothes. Show more of your legs and arms to look tall and long-limbed. You may also want to wear a cute outfit because it matches your figure.

Tall women

You may want to emphasize your long arms and legs by wearing long, flowing dresses and skirts. Any color is lovely, although dark-colored ones may make you look slimmer and taller. Remember, also, to wear belts as these soften your physical features and bring out curves.

Large-breasted women

V-neck tops and supportive bras are ideal for large-breasted women. These highlight the chest without revealing too much. If you wish to make your chest look smaller, you should use minimizer bras. Also refrain from wearing high-neckline tops because they draw much attention to the chest.

Small-breasted women

Small-breasted women may get away with tops and dresses requiring no bras. Blouses with small intricate prints and embroidery are ideal to wear as these prevent onlookers from noticing a small chest. Maximizer bras, on the other hand, help to increase chest size.

Pear-shaped women

Having a heavy bottom, pear-shaped women may want to draw attention to their legs. To do this, women may wear short skirts and dresses and matching jackets or boleros. The jackets and boleros seemingly widen the upper-body and make it proportion to wide hips.

You may want to ask a close friend to help you select the clothing you should wear. At least, close friends can give you honest opinions and help you look fabulous. Make sure to invest in classic pieces like sophisticated white tops, plain-washed jeans, and various accessories. That way, you can easily mix and match your clothes without shopping every now and then.

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