Gals Who Ask Guys Out: How They Do It

While many guys stick to traditional practice, there are guys, these days, who welcome the idea of women who actively meet men they like and ask them out. Some men say that it’s already the 21th century and stereotypes are becoming less definitive. So if you would like to make the first move, read these tips on how to ask guys out without intimidating them.

Just ask him

Of course, asking someone out for the first time or for a first date can be daunting. But like in doing everything for the first time, you have to try. Try without expecting success or failure. At least, by actually saying “How about going out with me this weekend?” to your date interest, you get past one major hurdle. If he agrees to date you, then it wasn’t bad for a first try. If he declines, at least you know you can already ask another cute guy.

Don’t overdo it

Flirting is a powerful tool when it comes to getting a date. Though not a must, flirting is a way to subtly make your intentions known or to make yourself “exist” in his world. Flirting is like an overture or introduction. To get the guy’s attention, it’s important that you flirt in a tasteful or classy way. Flirting aggressively or too much is definitely a no-no on how to get dates.

How should you flirt? “Accidentally” but lightly bumping him at a bar and giving him your most charming apology and smile will do. Starting a conversation during breaks at dancing lessons or smiling when you make eye contact with him anywhere you meet may also be intriguing for him. But, pulling a seductive lick on your dessert cherry – although one of those common seduction tips – will make him think you just want a one night stand.

Look your best

Guys more often get attracted to women who look pleasing. And while looking your best can make him notice you, looking fresh and pretty when asking him out can increase his level of interest. So whether you have top-shelf or plain Jane looks, it’s best to play up your facial assets.

Dig up some details about the guy

Getting to know a little bit about your prospect helps you in two ways. One is you’ll see if he is really interesting or worth dating. Another is you’ll get to make him know you more as you charm him discreetly. So, if you’re permitted the occasion, start a friendly conversation with him.

Finally, after gauging if he’s worth dating, go straight to the point and ask him out. Guys prefer clarity in conversations and invitations. And when you’re already on the date, get to know him more. Ask the guy questions about his interests or profession. In return, tell him about yourself. After all, isn’t dating for getting to know each other?

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