How to Get A Date for The First Time

You will find many dating tips online telling you how to meet women, how to attract the opposite sex, or what pick-up lines to say to a woman you want to date. While some of the tips are interesting, few of them may be received warmly by women. Real women want to date real men who are more than just about good looks, smooth moves, and witty pick-up lines. So, instead of dropping a few Jerry Maguire lines to get her attention, relax and read the following pointers:

Tip 1: Forget that you want to date a woman.

If you’re not at all nervous about getting a date, chances are you’ve already found yourself one. But if you are getting jitters about saying the words, “Will you go out with me?” you should drop the dating issue and move on with your life. Even the word dating becomes a loaded word and may make first-timers get discouraged to express their intentions. So, to be relieved of the challenge, don’t think about it, first.

Tip 2: Focus on yourself.

When you’ve temporarily forgotten about dating, you must focus on your personal skills. Doing so may help you find the confidence and courage you need to actually ask a woman out. You should learn new skills and be involved in new activities. Dancing lessons are advisable to learn considering you’ll eventually need to ask a woman to dance with you.

The purpose of learning new skills is for you to become more comfortable about yourself and around women. During dancing lessons, you’ll get to mingle and meet women. And once you start dancing like a pro, you may find that more women will swoon and become interested in you.

Tip 3: Focus on the women.

With an increased self-confidence, it will be easier for you to say the magic words. If you’ve already seen someone with whom you want to go out with, casually and respectfully approach her. A woman always loves a real gentleman.

Then, get to know each other. Ask her about her interests and listen with full attention. Understand what she’s trying to say and respond with answers that are genuinely yours. And when you’ve established more familiarity with one another, ask her out. Fight nervousness and the words will come out naturally.

If she agrees to go out with you, then, you’ve passed the challenge. But if she declines, accept it. It only means she isn’t the girl for you and nothing more. And, at least, you’ve practiced asking a girl out. Then, just move on.

Getting date for the first time should be easy once you’ve become more confident about yourself. The right amount of confidence may take you far. In fact, you may even be surprised to find women who make the first move and ask you out.

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