When She’s Flirting

Accurately reading a woman’s mind may require much brain exercise. But what’s even more difficult is figuring out if she’s interested or just being friendly. And what adds to the pressure for some guys is how to gauge her level of interest in a possible relationship. Misinterpreting her signs or signals may put you in an awkward situation. So, before asking her out or moving on, here are some ways to tell if a woman is flirting with you.

She keeps eye contact and smiles

Wherever you may be, be it in a bar, a party, or an office, a woman who constantly has her eye on you and smiles is definitely flirting. Why? Instead of having fun and paying attention to her friends or her work, she makes an effort to look at you and catch your own gaze. So, if you like her, too, do her the favor of smiling back. Then, approach her later on, chat, and ask her out.

She gets your attention through her mouth

Admit it, you also find her mouth enticing. She may be slowly sipping on her straw or licking off the cream on a maraschino cherry while keeping prolonged eye contact with you. And if she continues to engage you with her powerful, glossed lips, the next thing you know, you’ll be asking for her number.

She puts her hand on your arm, shoulder, hand or knee

If she isn’t a relative or a close friend and she touches you, she is flirting. A woman’s touch, as long as it sends an electrifying feeling on your back, tells that she is interested. So, you may want to flirt back if you like her to find out how interested she is.

She walks up to you to talk

Sometimes, a woman may even get you a drink. And such act should make you realize that she has an aggressive side. Many women will just get your attention and make you walk up to them, first. So, if you prefer a more aggressive woman, you may want to get to know her more by buying a second round of drinks.

She twirls her hair with her fingers

And while she does, she coyly glances at you. Such should tell you that she is the shy type but she wants you to approach her. Before you do, however, gaze at her a few moments longer to see if you’ve read her correctly. If you read right, make your move.

Of course, a woman has other ways to let you know she’s flirting. And to rightly tell, you have to observe her. Study her overall body language — actions do speak louder than words. So when you know she’s singling you out, you have to give your own response.

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