How to Tell If She’s Interested

When to make the next move when pursuing a girl you like is a question that causes a lot of confusion among guys. Women can be difficult to read, especially if you’re completely clueless. If you keep on misinterpreting friendly signals as pick-up cues or the other way around, then these tips can help you tell if she’s truly interested in you:

She fidgets when you’re around

Women put their men on pedestals, too. And if she thinks you’re someone very special, she’ll panic about the way she looks, sits down, or appears in front of you. So, she may quickly fix her skirt, blouse, and hair when she sees you approaching. She may even stutter a bit when you greet her or ask her a question.

She looks into your eyes when you speak to her

A woman is always attentive to what her love interest is saying. So, you know she is taking you seriously if she looks into your eyes as you speak. She will even laugh at any corny joke you may crack and make you feel like a hero in your stories.

She likes you checking her out

Why won’t she? After all, she finally got your attention. If you haven’t checked out the woman whom you think is interested in you, smile at her as she passes, look down and up her body and give her a smile. If she smiles back, she is flirting and is definitely into you.

She always has time for you

She always has free time to spend when it comes to you because she has been waiting for you to ask her out. Even if she may end up working overtime, she will accompany you to the nearest café for an afternoon break.

She suddenly “exists” in your world

This sign is true, especially if you’ve never known her before. Just like what you may do to be noticed by a woman, she may walk by you several times so you will see her. She may position herself near you in a crowded club. She will even bump into you “accidentally” if your attention is difficult to get.

Sharpen your radar and pick up the signs she is sending you. Remember, if you misinterpret her signals, your chances of getting another date can crumble into pieces. So, keep these tips in mind and respond — flirt back and ask her out for another date.

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