Men’s Date Outfit: Dos and Donts

So, she agreed to go out with you and now, you’re looking at your closet, thinking of what to wear. Because she is looking her best for the night, she will definitely be expecting the same effort from you. To live up to her expectations, the trick is to dress classy. Here are ways to do so:

Do minimize prints

Let her be the one to wear the prints. Besides, men always look classy in a simple outfit. If casual is the theme for the night, wear a plain t-shirt, a jacket, jeans, and smart-casual shoes. If the date is to take place in a fancy restaurant, wear a simple suit or one that has subdued stripes. The key is to complement her appearance.

Don’t be too colorful

Unless you would like to be nicknamed Crusty the Clown or the fashion victim date, wear clothing that use only as much as three neutral colors. White, black, and navy blue are handsome. Also, remember that the shoes and belt should match the shirt in color. So, if you opt to wear a black shirt, your belt and polished shoes should be black as well.

Do polish your shoes and iron your clothes

Women love men who know how to take care of their clothing. So, make sure that your black shoes are well-shined, if you’re going dancing or are dining at a high-class restaurant. Iron your clothes to look well-dressed and smart.

Don’t wear too much jewelry

If you have to wear jewelry, refrain from wearing as much as she does. For men, jewelry should be of a watch and a ring or a ring and a simple neck piece. Avoid wearing more than two pieces of jewelry so you will not end up looking like a pimp.

Do wear the right outfit for the occasion

As much as you would like a woman to be mysterious during the first date, you should also dress in a comfortably conservative manner. Comfortably conservative means striking a balance between square and revealing. Button your shirt up just between your neck and your chest. Let the woman work her imagination.

Looking perfect during the first date is crucial, considering it is the point where date assessment is highest. Impressing her with the way you dress up does a lot to get to round two. So, plan out your outfit days before. You may even want to ask a close girl friend to assess your ensemble.

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