When He’s Flirting

Women can easily figure out if men want a long-lasting relationship or just a one-night stand. There are times, however, when you need to analyze his moves, especially if you’re not sure on whether a guy is just being friendly or he’s really into you. Analyzing the signs may get pretty tough, especially if you only have minimal flirting experience and know-how. So, to tell whether he’s interested, watch out for signs like these:

He enters your personal space

Can’t tell how a guy enters your personal space? When talking to guys, observe where they stand. Often, those who are romantically uninterested maintain a safe distance when conversing with women. Uninterested men respect women’s personal spaces and would like them to do the same. But if a man is into you, he’ll be the only one to stand as close to you as possible.

He makes brief physical contract every now and then

Whether it is your hair, hand, or arm, he will playfully touch you as you are conversing. Sometimes, he may even gently tweak your nose or gently pat your cheeks. These show how adorable he thinks you are and that he has a soft spot in his heart for you.

He smiles at you from across the room

It is easy to tell if a guy is flirting with you when you’re both in a room full of people. He, in one corner, may glance at you from time to time and look away when you suddenly catch him. Later on, you’ll find him looking at you again and will smile when it is too late for him to look away.

His face widens

Involuntarily, his face widens and lightens up when he sees you. His eyebrows may also rise a bit. These signs show that he is welcoming your presence.

He catches your attention

He may exaggerate some actions like raising both of his arms so you can see him. He may also be the only one to call out to you when you pass by his group of friends. Or, he may even go to the extent of walking past you again and again where he has no business to attend to. He is, in fact, just walking by so you will notice him, hoping that he’ll get date with you.

A guy who is truly interested in you will make an effort just to “exist” in your personal world. This is true, especially if you hardly know him or have never noticed him before. As he makes an effort just to get noticed, you must make your move. Either flirt back if you like him or tell him how you honestly feel. That way, he’ll know whether to pursue you or move on.

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